Tome To The Weather Machine review: Tape Haul

Another great review, this time written by Ryan Hall and published by Tome To The Weather Machine:

øjeRum – There is a flaw in my iris C34

"From the first down stroke øjeRum creates space where feeling wistful and nostalgic and all sorts of ennui is appropriate and welcome. The space between those barely strummed guitar lines are mile-wide chasms to hurl all your insecurities about the future and in return get back memories of being brave."

Micromelancolié – Ensemble Faux Pas C38

"Polish ambient-drone artist, Micromelancolié, creates sparse, three-dimensional recordings that pulse and crackle with expectant dread and tension. (…) Ensemble Faux Pas is full of these fantastically eerie tones and sustained melodies that keep your ear always crooked towards the speaker in anticipation/dread."

Hidden Persuaders – The Bone Forest C28

"Andreas Brandal is able to successfully marry dark and noise-laden that burst and bloom into speaker destroying stabs of contact mic/black noise with melodic undercurrents that provide a placid noise-floor that is never completely enveloped by the face-stabbing shards of harshness."

Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé – Worn paths in crown dust C66

"An hour-long descent into swirling, ambient passages, bugged out electronics, contact-mic scrapings, dripping, feeding field-recordings and long drone pulls that scrape and drag across dirty basement floors. A sweeping, all-encompassing, diving, droning, pitch-shifting push and pull between two artists sharing similar sonic space."

Read the complete review at Tome To The Weather Machine

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The Sunday Experience review: Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé “Worn Paths In Crown Dust” C66

Last monday Mark Barton from the excellent The Sunday Experience blog published five reviews around the latest output of Justin Wiggan/Roadside Picnic including his collaborative tape with Charles Barabé entitled “Worn Paths In Crown Dust”.

"Best described as epic, ‘worn paths in crown dust’ finds the workaholic Mr Wiggan forging alliances with La Cohu head man Charles Barabé, again limited, again on cassette this time on the much fancied A Giant Fern imprint, this 60 minute plus face off sees these two unique alchemists of sound going toe to toe across two sides of chrome, each side sub divided into several mini-suites that pretty much freewheel around the full gamut of abstract electronica (…)"

Read the complete review at The Sunday Experience
This tape is sold out at source but you can stream the full album at Bandcamp

Raised By Gypsies review: Hidden Persuaders “The Bone Forest” C28

I’ve listened to this a number of times now and I feel that no matter how many more I listen to it I would never quite feel like I’m on the same space mission twice and for that it is truly a thing of beauty.”

Read the complete review at Raised By Gypsies

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A Closer Listen Review: September Crop

A new review of Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé, Hidden Persuaders, Micromelancolié and øjeRum, written by Richard Allen and published by A Closer Listen:

"Portuguese cassette label A Giant Fern kicks off the season with a variety-packed quartet, featuring the feathered beauty of øjeRum, the quiet menace of Micromelancolié, the dark alchemy of Hidden Persuaders and the sci-fi symphonies of Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé."

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TABS OUT review: A Giant Fern’s Giant September Furnishings

This is what Ian Franklin at TABS OUT wrote about our latest batch of cassettes:

Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé – Worn paths in crown dust C66

"Slow infiltrations of dissonant tones creep up over a misty fog of bassy synth, flickering pops and subdued whistles (…) Roadside Picnic and Charles Barabé develop a wonderfully expressive landscape over the +1 hrs of music."

Hidden Persuaders – The Bone Forest C28

"Top notch sound design on this release: knives being sharpened, boots crunching down on helpless objects, distorted synth growls, mic’ed hand drums, broken radio frequencies. Don’t miss this one."

Micromelancolié – Ensemble Faux Pas C38

"Miles and miles of glowing, soft drone lilt on the moonlit riverbank disturbed only by a few brief moments of a howling dog and shadowy plucked tones. (…) weaves an extended drift into an uncomfortable and disparate dream-like existence."

øjeRum – There is a flaw in my iris C34

“There Is A Flaw In My Iris”, a reflective and well-paced album of tape recordings featuring electro-acoustic pieces for guitar, synth, and voice. (…) It’s my new standard for electroacoustic mixing reference; a simply beautiful work.”

Read the complete review at www.tabsout.com

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September Batch 2014

øjeRum – There is a flaw in my iris C34

Micromelancolié – Ensemble Faux Pas C38

Hidden Persuaders – The Bone Forest C28

Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé – Worn paths in crown dust C66

The Tobacconists LP reviewed at Gonzo Circus

Review of The Tobacconists “A Secret Place” LP published by the Dutch magazine Gonzo Circus!

The Tobacconists UK distro upadate


Besides Infinite Limits, now also Norman Records carries in the UK our latest LP The Tobacconists “A Secret Place”. A lot of great stuff there and many other titles from The Tobacconists related projects.


You can also order German Army “Last Language” LP from Norman Records!


For those inside or outside the UK, Infinite Limits is an amazing resource for obtaining our recent LP “A Secret Place” by The Tobacconists, as well as other veteran projects by Scott Foust & Frans de Waard like Idea Fire Company, Kapotte Muziek and others.