TABS OUT review: A Giant Fern’s Giant September Furnishings

This is what Ian Franklin at TABS OUT wrote about our latest batch of cassettes:

Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé – Worn paths in crown dust C66

"Slow infiltrations of dissonant tones creep up over a misty fog of bassy synth, flickering pops and subdued whistles (…) Roadside Picnic and Charles Barabé develop a wonderfully expressive landscape over the +1 hrs of music."

Hidden Persuaders – The Bone Forest C28

"Top notch sound design on this release: knives being sharpened, boots crunching down on helpless objects, distorted synth growls, mic’ed hand drums, broken radio frequencies. Don’t miss this one."

Micromelancolié – Ensemble Faux Pas C38

"Miles and miles of glowing, soft drone lilt on the moonlit riverbank disturbed only by a few brief moments of a howling dog and shadowy plucked tones. (…) weaves an extended drift into an uncomfortable and disparate dream-like existence."

øjeRum – There is a flaw in my iris C34

“There Is A Flaw In My Iris”, a reflective and well-paced album of tape recordings featuring electro-acoustic pieces for guitar, synth, and voice. (…) It’s my new standard for electroacoustic mixing reference; a simply beautiful work.”

Read the complete review at www.tabsout.com

Listen and purchase at Bandcamp

September Batch 2014

øjeRum – There is a flaw in my iris C34

Micromelancolié – Ensemble Faux Pas C38

Hidden Persuaders – The Bone Forest C28

Roadside Picnic & Charles Barabé – Worn paths in crown dust C66

The Tobacconists LP reviewed at Gonzo Circus

Review of The Tobacconists “A Secret Place” LP published by the Dutch magazine Gonzo Circus!

The Tobacconists UK distro upadate


Besides Infinite Limits, now also Norman Records carries in the UK our latest LP The Tobacconists “A Secret Place”. A lot of great stuff there and many other titles from The Tobacconists related projects.


You can also order German Army “Last Language” LP from Norman Records!


For those inside or outside the UK, Infinite Limits is an amazing resource for obtaining our recent LP “A Secret Place” by The Tobacconists, as well as other veteran projects by Scott Foust & Frans de Waard like Idea Fire Company, Kapotte Muziek and others.


The Tobacconists LP now available at Bandcamp store

The Tobacconists “A Secret Place” LP is now available for purchase through our Bandcamp store and ready to be shipped. This is a collaborative edition between A Giant Fern and Fabrica Records from Brooklyn, NY, so if you’re in the Americas buy it directly from their Bigcartel shop.

Limited edition of 300 copies in a beautiful 180 gram transparent green vinyl with download code.

Buy in Europe: agiantfern.bandcamp.com/album/a-secret-place
Buy in the US: fabrica.bigcartel.com/product/the-to…e-lp-fabrec028

New LP: The Tobacconists – A Secret Place


We are proud to announce the release of our third LP, this time in collaboration with Fabrica Records from Brooklyn. Available June 30th.

The Tobacconists are Scott Foust and Frans de Waard with Mike Popovich. A Secret Place was recorded in 2012 and additionally to five tracks amazingly crafted, the b-side features a longer piece commissioned by Gogbot Festival dedicated to the memory of Anton Viergever. Read more about it here.

Only 300 copies split between both sides of the globe! So if you live in the US or anywhere else near buy it directly from Fabrica Records.

Derek Rogers ‘Signifying Memory’ CS on Dwight Pavlovic’s Year End list (Decoder Magazine)

2013 was a great year for A Giant Fern for several reasons, but Derek Rogers made us proud for being included on some of our favourite Year End lists. This time it was featured at #13 on Dwight Pavlovic's list for Decoder Magazine among some of the most amazing releases of the past year. 

Read his thorough report about 2013 here:  http://www.secretdecoder.net/features/2014/01/30/dwights-year-end-cadaver-turn-over-finding-genre-agnosticism-format-neutrality/

German Army at The Twopenny Hangover


German Army ’Last Language’ LP got airplay at the awesome 'The Twopenny Hangover' show at polish RadioJAZZ.FM.

This was the playlist:
Twopenny Hangover, Warsaw, 20.01.14
1. Roland Young - Go away (Palto Flats)
2. Mixed band philanthropists - The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly (Staubgold)
3. German Army - Lost in a canyon (A Giant Fern)
4. International Parallives Institute- Memoirs of anomie gray side 2 (Noumenal Loom)
5. Salem Mass - witch burning (Guerssen)
6. Littus - Kallon (Notice Recordiings)
7. MJ Guider - The vessel (Constellation Tatsu)
8. Gunther Schickert - Kinder in der wildnis (Bureau B)


Ichtyor Tides ‘Eever Schapes’ review by Obsküre Magazine (English translation – Full text)

English translation of the Obsküre Magazine review of Ichtyor Tides ‘Eever Schapes’ tape (originally in french):

This time, it is a cassette release for Ichtyor Tides. Since our review of Mortisle Elytrion (Obsküre #12), the prolific Nikola Akileus have released one EP and 2 LP (digital and cassette) : after Eever Schores (Sirona Records) and Eever Schemes (Already Dead Tapes), here are eight new tracks on a Portuguese label. The A-side is a trilogy : “Aural Vectorm” is a long synthetic drone, a seemingly monotonous wave on which synthetic swirls bring a harmonic and relaxing densification of the sound. Ghostly sounds appear soon, piano notes, violins, even accordions. Breaks and glitches in sound insufflate a form of alien life into this panorama, more temporal than visual. Complete drowning leads to hypnosis and sound hallucinations. Under its insect stridency (fundamental element in the music of Ichtyor Tides), “Plyaurech Suns” offers a healing with more audible changes in notes, while the final “Tepes Reduct” steps into violence, as if a hundred of guitars were sizzling together. The drone becomes vocal, with tiny variations in tone again : blowing and wind, thunderstorm of the multitude and descent into the void. B-side leans more towards textural experiments : “Vermys (Achermede)” distils its insects, gravels or coins in surf and swarming ; “Aporeiq Schant” displays a wave made of tinkling feedbacks in an alternate version of the one featured on the “Elements 02” compilation (The Future Elements) ; “gleasInd” probes the very distance between the crackling of the fire and the one of water, enhanced by strange atomic laser shots. More conventional (relatively), “Shorrean Vilage” shows a pulsating and swirling subterranean life, whilst the devastated field recording of “Deflaverse” reminds the factory and the storage warehouse with an old whistling loco passing by and indistinguishable voices mumbling. The faculty that music have of signifying something more than sound can be touched here.

Translation by Nikola Akileus.